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Hey guyssss. So my last post was about MUA nail constellation and in that I said I'd bought a load of other stuff at the same time too so here is my post about it now I've had the chance to try it all out.
Pro-Brow kit - £3.50
Dusk til Dawn 12 shadow palette- £4
Eye shadow trio - £2.50
Eye pencil - £1
Nail varnish - £1
Nail constellation in Libra - £3
I originally just went on the website to the constellation nails but you just can't resist those cheap prices can you?! And I'd heard a lot of good things about the eye shadow palettes. So I ended up getting an eye shadow palette, brow skit and constellation nails in Libra. Not only this, but because it was near Halloween MUA were offering a free nail varnish, eye liner and trio of eye shadows if you spent over £10. So I got all of these products for the beautiful price of £12.95 because of postage. The trio of eyeshadows isn't on the website in those colours they only have the golden colours. Obviously with cheaper products you have to worry about the quality but I can't fault these products and I haven't actually heard anything bad about them either!
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It as a big toss up between the Heaven and Earth pallette and Dusk til Dawn. In the end I went for Dusk til Dawn because I already have quite a few neutral MAC shadows and I loved the sparkly blue and purple in this. They are perfect for Christmas party looks and glamourous smoky eyes. Also there are a few lighter colours included in there as well. All the colours have a really nice shine and sparkle to them. I'd heard nothing but good things about these pallettes and they are really pigmented considering their price. I know I've bought some shadows before for really cheap thinking it was a bargain then regretting it because they were rubbish.

The brow kit has to be my favourite purchase. It has two different shades then a highlighter shade and a gel to set the brows. It also comes with a double sided angled brush and a mini pair of tweezers. How cute. At the moment I'm actually using a shadow to fill in my brows because I couldnt find a pencil the right colour. This colour for me is perfect as I have a golden blondey hair. Obviously I won't ever use the darker shade unless I wanted my brows really dark. It's also not too harsh either so your eyebrows don't look really over drawn and scary like they sometimes do with a pencil. And having the gel is just really great. It really does make a difference so I really recommend this.
(Sorry for the pic quality)

I'd never tried an MUA varnish before but it goes on so smoothly. It is a little weird holding the brush because the top is so tiny! But you get used to it. I do love bright red nails so thanks MUA for my lil present!

These were the first MUA products I've ever tried as I'm new to blogging and hadn't heard much about them. Now I understand why all bloggers rave about their products. Affordable but so so good.


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