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MUA haul, Affordable Makeup Makeup Academy

Hey guyssss. So my last post was about MUA nail constellation and in that I said I'd bought a load of other stuff at the same time too so here is my post about it now I've had the chance to try it all out. Pro-Brow kit - £3.50 Dusk til Dawn 12 shadow palette- £4 Eye shadow trio - £2.50 Eye pencil - £1 Nail varnish - £1 Nail constellation in Libra - £3 I originally just went on the website to the constellation nails but you just can't resist those cheap prices can you?! And I'd heard a lot of good things about the eye shadow palettes. So I ended up getting an eye shadow palette, brow skit and constellation nails in Libra. Not only this, but because it was near Halloween MUA were offering a free nail varnish, eye liner and trio of eye shadows if you spent over £10. So I got all of these products for the beautiful price of £12.95 because of postage. The trio of eyeshadows isn't on the website in those colours they only have the golden colours. Obviously wit…

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